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  • The mystery of water

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Water is consciousness

Arctic Movement started some years ago the project Unseen Worlds. Unseen Worlds is an artistic presentation created as part of a research and microscopical observation of the structural patterns and formation of different elements and how they react and interact. While working on this project we noticed the interesting world of water.
It is fundamentally apparent from the work of physicists, Schweitzer, Emoto and that of the late Jacques Benveniste, that water can be easily influenced in many ways, positively or negatively, and water can share this memory/information with all living things, playing a crucial role in human life, and the life of Earth too. The Earth and humans are composed of around 75% water. As such, our internal and external watery environment is one huge communications centre and memory bank of information. Water IS consciousness! (source: Shopping For Spirit Articles Parts Three onwards).

We especially want to thank PHD J. Dunning-Davies from the Department of Physics and Mathematics, University of Hull, for his contribution to this first version of our website. We will update this website with publications reguarly and if you want to be informed about updates, please subscribe to our newsletter.

Huibert de Jong
Leader Arctic Movement / CEO Samwork

The memory of water is a reality

The concept of the memory of water goes back to 1988 when the late Professor Jacques Benveniste published, in the international scientific journal Nature, claims that extremely high ‘ultramolecular’ dilutions of an antibody had effects in the human basophil degranulation test, a laboratory model of immune response.
In other words, the water diluent ‘remembered’ the antibody long after it was gone. His findings were subsequently denounced as ‘pseudoscience’ and yet, despite the negative impact this had at the time, the idea has not gone away.

In a special issue of Homeopathy, scientists from the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, USA as well as the UK present remarkably convergent views from groups using entirely different methods, indicating that large-scale structural effects can occur in liquid water, and can increase with time. Such effects might account for claims of memory of water effects. (source: Elsevier)


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